2020, Agni Yoga and the return of the feminine principle

Elias de Andrade Pinto, Brazilian pastor talks to us about his experience and the richness of Agni Yoga to understand our times

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Updated at: mardi 14 janvier 2020 14:44

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2020, Agni Yoga and the return of the feminine principle

Elias de Andrade Pinto, Brazilian pastor talks to us about his experience and the richness of Agni Yoga to understand our times

Citananda: Elias, Ananthavally, thank you very much for taking the time

Elias: Thank you for devoting your time to the planet and together making us available for the planet

Citananda: Before getting to the heart of the matter, can you quickly introduce us to who you are and agni yoga?

Elias: My name is Elias, I was born and raised in a Protestant believing family. My development here as a child has been in this spiritual and religious culture, first following the teachings of the Calvinist Presbyterian Church.

 Then I was instructed to study theology which I completed by being ordained to the ministry of the Presbyterian Church as Reverend of the Church.

Ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue

Already during university studies in the theological seminary, I was the leader of the students, which led me to be in contact with students of various origins and from different schools of theology. I began to have clarity of the importance of unity among the disciples of Christ.

 Then I was invited to represent the church in an encounter with Liberation Theology and the Basic Communities of the Catholic Church. It was very welcoming. They received women, natives, and other faith and religious traditions. It was a very strong and practical experience to see these people who lived this openness to help and cooperate with each other, in favor of a liberation, a liberation from the processes of social oppression, therefore to get in touch with people. who were looking for a social transformation.

Finally I maintained my friendship and contact with these people and the people of other churches and started to also do a training to understand a little more spirituality. Having experienced these moments in the ecumenical community with the other churches made me dive deeper into cooperation with spirituality.

First I participated in Jesuit retreats connected to Ignacio de Loyola. Then I started to train on Islamic and Judaic mysticism. I had already come into contact with Tibetan Buddhism and with the Dalai Lama when he came (to Brazil) in 1992. I also during my studies followed a course in science of religions, which allowed me to 'have a scientific perspective on religions.

Finally I received the invitation to participate in the United Religions Initiative (URI) in Brazil. * URI is an NGO which cooperates with the UN It was in 1999, we were 120 participants and 36 different Brazilian traditions. In 4 days, we tried to answer the question: What can we do together for Peace? This question caused the hearts of the participants to open. Leaving there, we wanted to continue working for peace as members of religious traditions.

My discovery of Agni Yoga

In the city of São Paulo, one of the participants of this meeting was a student from the Agni Yoga collection. Little by little as our friendship was born, I started to discover Agni Yoga. At that time, I remembered that during college time, I had met a psychologist who had books on Agni Yoga, and who had explained to me the importance of Agni Yoga on mental health. . Because this Yoga brings a basis of a great opening on spiritualities.

Over time, I got to know other Agni Yoga students who came together around this theme.

Agni Yoga: Yoga of Christ

But it was a little after that, when we had a meeting with representatives of the direction of inter-religious cooperation for Latin America in São Paulo, in the place called "Casa de Urusvashi" which hosted this meeting, that a native Mayan friend, very dear to my heart, practicing Vedic teachings because she had lived in India for 6 years, said to me at the beginning of the meeting "This morning during my meditation, I had a vision in which I saw and you were helping the Yoga of Christ. And when I got here, I remembered this very clearly, so I would like to ask you if you know a yoga of Christ? ". So I replied that I had never heard of this Yoga, and that the expression was new enough for me. She added "It’s funny because I have lived in India for a long time, I have sometimes heard of Christ Yogi or Yoga of Christ but in fact I know nothing about that. Maybe it would be good if you did some research on that because it was very clear to me. It may not be far away. " It was in 2008.

When I took a slightly longer trip to biblical lands in 2010, there was already a spiritual process engaged in me since 2009, and back from this trip I received a book on Agni Yoga, and I started reading everyday

When I took a slightly longer trip to biblical lands in 2010, there was already a spiritual process engaged in me since 2009, and back from this trip I received a book on Agni Yoga, and I started to read this book received as a gift every day.

A little later, I understood that the Agni Yoga collection finds its roots in the understanding that there is a cosmic love. In Agni Yoga, this will appear or show up in different terms in the names. Perhaps the main name would even be Agni Yoga, that is to say: Yoga, connection, and Agni the fire, this fire would be Love, Love in all its dimensions, as a single love.

The source of Agni Yoga, the Roerich couple and their meetings with Morya

The Agni Yoga collection, the result of meetings between the couple Nicola Roerich and Helena Roerich, Russians by birth, who lived in several places in the world, but who lived the longest in India, in the Himalayas.

 They took note of their meetings with Master Morya and other masters. These meetings started in 1920, and they became more personal, especially in relation to Helena Roerich, who was very dedicated to this work of connection and to her own transformation. In this couple, he painted pictures that had a spiritual dimension that he lived in meetings. Helena took note of the teachings they received. These notes became the 17 volumes of the Agni Yoga collection. Books are the essence of the wisdom of the masters for the times we live in, the present time.

Before the Roerichs: Blavaski

Of course, before this couple had come with the same task Helena Blavaski. Blavaski’s role was to exteriorize the Hierarchy, the masters who spiritually govern the planet, for the world today. The role of the Roerich couple, with Agni Yoga, was to talk about the fact that we are entering a new era, an era governed by the feminine principle, but in connection with all the masters.

The feminine principle must now govern the planet

We are entering this era in which it is the feminine principle that must govern the planet. This era is called the era of Agni Yoga.

Each yoga came in its time to help the development of the planet and of humanity. We are going through the period in which Raj Yoga gives way to Agni Yoga.

The great mark of this is the feminine principle: the regency of the planet by the feminine principle. Agni Yoga helps us understand what we are going through right now. We do not need Agni Yoga to live in the present period because the moment is underway, and it continues to be ruled by people who have absolute wisdom. But it's a great gift to understand what's going on, and to see the plan for our path. It is important to understand that Agni Yoga contributes, that all masters give their contribution, and that masters of all eras have given their contribution for this moment too.

In connection with the scope of the master's vision, or the effectiveness of the transcription of his teachings, we can understand that this era was announced and prepared a very long time ago in the history of mankind.

The feminine principle in the Bible

For example, in the book of Genesis, in the time of creation, there was the fall of man, or the entry of sin. Then, in the book of genesis, it says that the creator was going to send a woman who would walk on the head of the serpent. We see the same concept reprocessed in the book of Revelation 12, repeated in an amplified way, because in the apocalypse he shows how and who this woman is. The details of this struggle are shown, and the being called the serpent in genesis is called the dragon in the apocalypse.

The feminine principle in the sacred writings of Islam

A Muslim Sheikh friend told us that in the sacred scriptures of Islam it is written that the time would come when women should rule the planet, because this would prepare the advent of a new era. The fact is that the students of the prophet Mohamed know these texts and this teaching. This friend Sheikh says that in Islamic culture it is not easy to deal with this transformation, and that they prefer to remain more cautious in observing what is happening.

The feminine principle in the Vedic tradition

We can observe this phenomenon in other traditions. For example, when Sri Tathāta speaks, and his work in Vedic culture, it is very clear that he is referring all the time to the Divine Mother, the great cosmic mother, because all those who connect the hierarchy at this moment receive the same teachings on the same principle that governs.

The feminine principle in the Tao

Likewise in Taoism, one of the oldest teachings in mankind, several schools call God with the name of Laumu, the Cosmic Mother. That is to say, God is a cosmic Mother.

Agni Yoga gives us clarity to understand the current period

So what I mean is that Agni Yoga contributes by clarifying the transformation that we are going through and the key stages that we are going through. But we can meet this wisdom also in all other spiritual connections. Because it’s a planetary and cosmic moment.

The female principle in 2020

Citananda: With regard to the coming year, do you have anything particular to say about the feminine principle?

Elias: Assuming the regency of the feminine principle has been gradual in the history of humanity. We can say that in the 19th century, the first signals arrived at the same time as the exteriorization of the hierarchy, the knowledge of the existence of a Hierarchy also initiated the signals of regency of the feminine principle on the planet.

We can see a woman, Helena Blavaski, this woman is now a reference in world spirituality.

We can see layers of the regency of the feminine principle arriving in practice through the lives of women, women's movements, women's voices. And when you ask me the question about the year which starts, it is the year 20/20, we can say that since the year 2000, there has been a great advance of the regency of the feminine principle on the planet .

The transfer of power to the feminine principle was initiated between 2000 and 2010

It can be said that between 2000 and 2010, in relation to the Hierarchy and the masters who govern the planet, there was a fundamental change. At the level of the Hierarchy, masculine power has been restored to the feminine principle. And the masters began to be educated and trained in practice, so that women could be the initiators of actions in relation to the planet.

What does that mean ? If before we had a male manager and the masters administering the spiritual conduct of the planet in the dimension of light, now it is the Divine Mother who assumes the regency of the planet, indicating the way, planning and deciding the form of execution.

With her came the feminine circle, an immense amount of spiritual women. Many of these women are masters of high achievement in the spiritual world. But in a different way from what men did here on the planet, when they assumed power by excluding women and even overwhelming them, the spiritual beings of the male principle returned power to the female principle, and its female beings welcomed male beings and they began to work in collaboration, to work in polarity.

The collaboration between the feminine principle and the masculine principle

Currently, it is a representative of the Divine Mother, her spokesperson, who guides, but with her always has a representative of the male principle who brings her protection to the project and to the female, by collaborating so that what must happen happens. What is happening is very beautiful, the collaboration has gained strength. And above all, one can see one of the cosmic principles, which is when a feminine principle and a masculine principle unite in this planetary dimension, cosmic creation becomes possible. That is to say, a Love, such a powerful and fiery energy begins to circulate which can reach any place in the cosmos.

We can see this happening in all places of the Hierarchical Light. One can imagine how the power of it all increased. In the very strong moment of transformation that we live in the dimension of matter here below, the light and the heat that are being produced in the spiritual and subtle world are helping us in the transformation in the dimension of the material more efficiently. We really need it because, at the same time, there has been a great increase in destructive movements in matter, so the planet is very injured. That doesn’t mean that she’s hurt and that she’ll stop being hurt, no, it does mean that in many places she is ruled by beings who are producing destruction, great wounds in the planetary body.

2020, the year to receive Agni, the great energy of Love

We are in 2020, and it is a moment when those who have been prepared to receive this Light, this Agni, this great energy of Love, of regeneration in the subtle dimension, will have to learn to put into practice what corresponds to the light in matter, or the conquest of matter by light. And who brings these measures and this precision is the feminine principle, because they are governed by the Divine Mother and by the principle of beauty and self-sacrifice.

What does that mean for 2020, we will advance in connection with the luminous skies, we will have more resistance in relation to the matter governed by the principle of destruction.

2020/2025, beauty will take shape

But the wisdom of the feminine principle is not going to make clashes that would cause more destruction on the planet. We are going to have advances in the healing and regeneration process through beauty. Until reaching the climax in 2025 and entering a time of planetary beauty.

The planet will start to be healed, we will be able to visibly see in the material the processes which bring a new vibration to increase.

Pope Francis launches new movement

In March (2020), Pope Francis will bring together people who represent a new movement for the global economy.

These young economists will be invited to cooperate, to listen to each other so that they can start to sew a new principle to be presented for the planet, as a sign of hope for the economy, because the economy doesn’t does not have to be destructive or even centralizing, but the economy can be beautiful, cooperative, in love.

The female principle will transform the economy

The regency of the feminine principle will also penetrate the economy. We are talking about planetary economy. We can already see small seeds here and there, but what is being built is something that can be perceived by all on a global level, so that people overburdened by the current principles of the economy can see that it is possible an economy for the whole planet under another principle, cooperative and feminine.

The feminine principle works on 3 vortexes: welcome, cooperation and donation or self-sacrifice. We will begin to see this little by little in all sectors of planetary life. These principles will be part of all facets of power. So that everyone on the planet can see that and make a choice. Because it is new and brings a new and healthy breath. Of course, those who prefer to stay and continue to live the same way, have the right to make their choice, but they will lose strength, they will weaken, because this is not the vocation of the planet. It’s not the cosmic call. It’s like little by little we turn them off until there is no sense in wanting power for ourselves or centralizing it. It will no longer make sense to destroy when you can live in a healthier way. So these beings at some point will no longer have a place on the planet, because it will have changed.

The Union between matter and spirit

This higher energy, which comes from the top, which is fiery, will descend fully on the planet and will make one body with the planet body, there will be no more division between matter and spirit. It already happens with nature. Nature's beings are already cheering with great joy on the energy of beauty and regeneration. Nature's beings are suffering from destruction, but they are joyful because they receive the light of the Divine Mother live. They already have the perception that the planet has already changed, at the level of nature. So they are collaborating, nature is collaborating with the regeneration and the arrival of a new era for the planet on the regency of the feminine principle.

Nature speaks to us with its own language, that of the power of the feminine

When we hear that there has been a very strong movement of nature that has affected an entire country, an entire region, it is nature that is speaking. She does not speak with words but with her strength, the power of nature. And what is the power of nature right now if only the power of the feminine principle.

Nature destroys nothing, it is healing the planet. It is the Divine Mother who is touching the most infirm places of the planets so that there is healing, so that the light descends and the destruction stops, so that then can be born in this place something of great beauty.

We are experiencing this very intensely right now. Different people take the risk of saying that in one or two years maximum, we will hear the voice of nature very loudly, bringing a response movement from the entire planet. It is possible then that there is great suffering in a certain dimension. With the reduction of products to be consumed coming from nature, by affecting for example food and water.

On the other hand, people's hearts will be touched. Some are already very touched at heart, and they are cooperating with everything, so that it happens in a bright and constructive form. But others will open their hearts.

Many will wake up and remember that our parents and our grandparents lived in a different way, and will say: "We can no longer live like this, we have to help each other, that 'we know each other. We need to enhance ourselves to gain strength and joy. Sterile and lifeless conversations are enough. We will use our tools to connect, to be really closer, we will go towards nature, we will remember our grandmothers and our mothers, they warmed our hearts. They made it easier for families to meet, they made meals that we still remember, and we talked to each other, we had moments of creativity, and we rejoiced. Let’s relive such experiences, let’s heal each other. ” A form of magic that has ended up superfeeding the mind and closing the heart, is magic that comes from the distance taken from nature and the feminine principle. It will start to dissolve.

Even if politicians keep saying empty words, people will say "no, I want my grandmother to take charge of the country with her way of doing things, and I also want my mother to participate because she had a way of doing things that helped my grandmother. In truth I want to see women, because they have a different way of doing things, and I also want to give young women a chance because they are very alert, and they have very good visions. Our women have something that will help everyone, and I also want to be part of it. ” And so we will have another world.

Citananda: We can observe that we are in a period of great transformation, storms are agitating the outside world and our interior worlds, would you have any advice to give to get through this period at best?

Elias: I think that from the point of view of what we are talking about now, it would be very important first of all that each person make contact with the masculine who lives inside of themselves and also with the feminine who lives in them. inner self.

Of course everyone is governed by each other's principles, there are people who are much more governed by the feminine principle and are in a female body, or else people who are governed by the feminine principle and who are in a male body. It doesn't have to do with sexual options, but with the way the body is governed, built.

It is very good to come into contact with the two principles that inhabit us. Know more about the presence of the principles in us and see if in fact we are more active in one principle or the other. Above all, seek to see if we are in balance with our principles, which is very rare, because if the planet is in imbalance, we are also the planet.

What helps us a lot then is to see what is beautiful in us. Am I governed by the love that builds? Or am I governed by what destroys? So on with everything. What matters from this initial visualization is the connection with the divine mother, the feminine principle that governs.

Get in touch with the feminine and masculine principles within us to achieve balance

 There are many ways to talk about this and also other ways to connect, but there is something that works for me and that can work for many people. Because when we look in the matter what is closer, it can be easier: "Who is my mother? Who are my grandmothers? Who are my mothers, the ones who looked after me in my life? Who are my grandmothers, the wise men who helped lay the foundations in my existence? What relationship do I have with them? What relationship would I like to have with them? "

In truth, this exercise helps us to connect our feminine. This exercise done by a woman or by a man is different. A woman will even think about motherhood, while a man will think about receiving the effect of motherhood. But both are very important in helping us to perceive the principle that dwells in us.

The exercise is done in the same way with the masculine principle: "My father and those who helped me lay the foundations of the masculine principle. My grandparents, the wise men, who gave me the identity and everything else that comes from the male principle. "

Harmonize with our memories and the feminine and masculine principles within us

You may need to harmonize with the memories you keep inside of you and with the feelings of those relationships. Mas if this opportunity to harmonize appears, it is good to dialogue with these memories. Likewise with people, if they are still available for a meeting. From this can arise knowledge and wisdom, which will help us to position our masculine and feminine.

And for those who have children, it can be done with them too. Whether they are biological children, children of the heart, spiritual children; not just spiritual linked to a spiritual tradition, but spiritual in the sense of helping to give shape, such as at work. The fact is that if it happens and this feeling of love lives in us, the constructive principle that lives in us, makes an exchange possible, it will make something move in us, and this movement may be positive. We can find a new balance, a new harmony. Harmony is one of the names of beauty, because we feel good and at peace. It is a very creative, positive and favorable atmosphere for the healing of everything that is around us and of all beings around us.

Citananda: Listening to you earlier, it made me think of the fire in Australia and also the fire of Notre Dame when I was with you. I wondered if you had something to say about it.

Elias: Yes, these are moments when nature is talking. Nature speaks through its elements. We can say that first of all it is the water which started to speak very loudly, if we look back a little, we can see several moments when humanity was shaken by the element water. I'm talking about fairly recent years. Like tidal waves, floods, etc. There was a time when the air started to increase its voice and strength. Not to mention that before, the earth expressed itself through earthquakes and all of its other movements repeatedly. We were already expecting the fire to speak too.

Lately we've been seeing the fire going on. There may be someone who lacks quality and truth, a great liar, who can say that it was Leonardo Di Caprio who set fire to the Amazon. But it has nothing to do with Leonardo Di Caprio, it has to do with the fire of nature which is cleaning up and announcing: "It must be transformed! It can't be like that anymore! The planet's wound is too great! "

The language of nature transforms the heart of Man

Reading in relation to each place where this is happening and what needs to be done in each of these places is wisdom that must be attained by those who are connected to the place. From the locals, to the people whose hearts are affected by the events. But wisdom must emerge from this. This wisdom will bring about a transformation. It is this wisdom that will determine that it is no longer possible to continue like this, it does not help the planet to achieve full beauty. Perhaps the result of this exercise will appear quickly and clearly before your eyes, so it may take some time. But the result must always be Light, Peace, Love, and the desire to build, ending with destruction.

Citananda: Perfect! Thank you very much, thank you both Elias and Ananthavally!

Elias: Gratitude to you! Gratitude to the planet which gives us the opportunity to learn together all that exists to be learned. What a good thing the existence of the foods that nourish each of beings. Each with the food that corresponds to it for its evolution. But in cooperation it's so good! Together, united, it's so much easier! Cooperation feeds us. Only to be together produces immense energy. It's delicious, isn't it?

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