Radicalism and duality in terms of Yoga

The radicality of the duality of the world in front of the disappearance of inner duality

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Updated at: mercredi 11 mars 2020 09:13

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Discipline: Yoga

Radicalism and duality in terms of Yoga

The radicality of the duality of the world in front of the disappearance of inner duality

Citananda: Namaste Sita, thank you for the time you have given us. Do you want to share with GOYOGA your inspiration on the present time, 2020, and the links with the interior and the feminine principle?

Sita: In recent times, I’m observing that it is becoming more radical, we are entering a period of intensification where we are asked to position ourselves in our lives fully aligned with clear and consistent acts. Now is also the time to sort out what is right for us and what should be left behind. There is almost a form of urgency, towards this approach of authenticity which is inscribed in every moment. Things that used to be dormant are now revealed one after the other to be transformed. Have you noticed on a collective level how lies, manipulations and others are brought to light almost daily, forcing us to wake up? Or in any case to ask us fundamental questions about the meaning of all this? It is as if very powerful projectors were lighting up on a previously dark space and suddenly the perception of reality changes radically, that it can be overwhelming to suddenly feel dazzled. It is not easy for many, it becomes very uncomfortable to maintain the old structures and we do not yet know where we are going. It creates a lot of anxiety and revolt and many other forms of resistance to change ... it is agitated and we see it on a planetary scale. We are leaving a world to enter another which is not a reproduction of the previous one, nor a continuation, but something of a completely different nature. It is also the time for great opportunities and changes. It accelerates and we can sense something that pulsates, that is shocked, that bubbles and dissolves, in a state of magma; We are a little in this pot in a way where we are asked to enter our axis, to register in its verticality unique to each, to find the eye of the cyclone, the zero point inside and s' settle there while Shakti in his feverish dance moves the worlds, giving birth to the new. It reminds me of the experience of childbirth. These are unique and so powerful moments, of an out of control transition, which finally push us to let go of all unnecessary resistance, putting us face to face with ourselves and thus allowing a force which exceeds us to advance in the foreground. and take over

There is also a feeling of traveling at a very high speed, carried by a formidable vortex. At this speed, the slightest movement on the steering wheel has an immediate effect, radically affecting the trajectory of the vehicle. A thought manifests itself at the very moment, perfect synchronicities are revealed and linked together. We are a bit there too, hence the need to transform our behavior, our way of life.

 Have you noticed the ease of entering into silence and the depth of being during meditations? or even at any time?

Citananda: Can you deepen the relationship between radicalism and the state you were talking about?

Sita: Hmm, the word radical refers to the roots, this radicality of which I speak is none other than a force of impulse bringing us back to the meeting with our source. I don't know how you live your Sadhana, how you lived your retirement from Vipassana, my feeling is this; as the consciousness of unity becomes integrated, the "personal" or individual perception of things, or "the idea that one has of oneself", of one's convictions, beliefs, or the stories that built us as an individual are gradually fading away. A bit like when you wake up in the middle of a dream, and part of your consciousness continues to dream again knowing that it is only a dream ... The outlines of the world lose their texture and a strong impression that "it is done all by itself" and that there is "nobody" "doing" anything. It can also be destabilizing at some level.

Paradoxically, there is an acute sense of responsibility and commitment that develops. The awareness of the impact of the slightest gesture on the collective trajectory becomes obvious.

Citananda: Yes that's exactly how I feel, the strong sense of responsibility has developed over the years since I practice my Sadhana. But with the 10-day Vipassana retreat for the transition from 2019 to 2020, it's like all my old world has actually disappeared, really! Back from these 10 days of silence, it's as if everything had been erased, of course it still exists on the surface, I continue to act, externally there is no difference, but internally the world has lost all its meaning, its substance. You understand, if there is no longer any inner sense of what is going on outside, if the outside no longer has any sense, then projects and projections towards the future lose all interest, any motivation since what it was based on so far no longer really has substance. So it's like being forced to live the moment. I am not saying that I am there permanently, of course I am regularly absorbed in everyday life, but you see that necessarily leads me to that, if there is no projection into the future then there is no more than now, suddenly I have no other choice. I am always very surprised by the power of intense spiritual practices on our being!


Difficult to conceive on the mental level the unit and the individual coexisting at the same time. At a certain point, the taste dissolves in the ocean and becomes the ocean, and / or the ocean becomes the taste of water ... mystery of mysteries. Achieve unity while remaining within the contours of our human bodies, embodied in this world, endowed with thought and reflection, emotions, senses and memories. What an adventure, isn't it?

But you see it is not a thing, or its opposite. It depends on the position from which we look at them. On one level, white is white, black is black, and on another level, the two things coexist beyond space-time. You know what I mean ? This is where the Siddhas inspire me so much, because they have gone to another stage, that is to say they have completely concluded this unity while choosing to remain on the embodied plane.

Currently it is not only the magnetic north of the planet which is moving, but this physical event reveals an inner rocking at the subtle level of our existence which takes place in silence, inside each of us but also in the collective . We are changing our axis towards that where being predominates.

Citananda: Well, that promises us a great year 2020!

Sita: Yes Citananda, the time for alignment with the dharma is there, that each of our actions is inspired by the spirit of service. May we take this new stage of evolution and transform our lives into a vibrant celebration of the divine presence on this Earth.

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